The Bright Seraphim was as urgent as rock ‘n roll and as colourful and exciting. (Munster Express)

Hail the Bright Seraphim. Hail Eric Sweeney, maker of music. (Liam Murphy, Arts Correspondent, Munster Express 11 November 2018)

Deise Dei “….cette messe qui exprime la lutte entre la culture et la langue ancienne et les exigencies de la vie moderne. Aprés une vision horrifique d’un holocauste nucléare, la musique gaelique sympolise la renaissance et léspoire d’une nouvelle vie” (Presse-Ocean)

Dance Music  One can see the influence of the minimalist school of Adams or Reich in the rapidly repeated patterns of sound and something of Aaron Copland in the dramatic outburst in the score. However the music has its own true personality and communicates its joyful sequences with great assurance. (Sunday Tribune).

The Moon-Cradle is simply wonderful. I could almost hear Padraic Colum reciting his own poetry, so perfect are your cadences. BRAVO! (Dr. Mark Malkovitch 111, General Director, Newport Music Festival, Rhode Island)

The Phantom of the Opera – Live film score by Eric Sweeney …….an enchanting evening of memories, music and magic which will long be remembered by those lucky enough to be there.(Becky Grice, Editor, East Cork Journal)

The Invader bristled with energy, being in turn rivetingly grotesque, fascinatingly erotic and musically compelling….The dramatic action was propelled by the pulsating intensity of Sweeney’s music. (Sunday Business Post)